Which empty stations should be prioritized?

There are over 300 stations in the Citibike system. Which stations should be prioritized for rebalancing? The red markers show the stations that should be the highest priority for rebalancing.

Which are the most central full stations?

The blue markers show the most central full stations.

How does it work?

There are 330 Citibike stations currently in the system, and Citibike plans to grow to over 600 stations. This makes the already challenging problem of rebalancing even more so: of all empty stations, which ones should be rebalanced first?

This is an attempt to solve that problem. First, empty stations are clustered into geographical k-means clusters. Next, each cluster is represented as a network graph. The most central nodes of each graph are selected and displayed on the map and in the tables on the other tabs.

This was made by Ben. You can read more about the idea behind the system here.

Made with networkx, Mapbox, Flask, and Heroku.